Noti Technologies

We, NOTI TECHNOLOGIES(PTY)LTD stand for property SAFETY and SECURITY. For the past ten years, we had a mission to create a safe living environment for our clients and we did achieve to gain trust and satisfaction of our clients. Today we are still driven by passion of listening, understanding and delivering an ultimate services to our clients. With all this in mind , we are able  to provide  accurate advices  to meet the total security  needs for our clients. By installing security Systems eg.  CCTV Cameras, Alarm System or Panic System for Domestic , Commercial and Industrial areas enhances the ability to control and to know of whatever is happening within the properties of our clients. All our security systems give a benefits to remote access through mobile devices and desktops.

Our services are carried out by our highly skilled technicians who clearly understand the importance of good work standard and maintenance of SAFETY conducts within the working space.


WE offer a wide range of CCTV Cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. A large capacity storage device allows for long period of recording stored for later Playback to ensures no occurrence  missed .

For Remote Access a mobile device gives all the required functionality such as Live Play , Playback etc.


Alarm System is an ultimate security solutions with a simple reason , it doesn’t sleep .

Our sophisticated but user friendly alarm panels equipped with all the functions the client needs to take full control of the premises . These  functions include receiving of Alert Messages to mobile device.


Safety In Pocket

 Safety of a Panic System User is assured by the use of a Remote Button , when pressed it sends a signal to Central Monitoring Panel . Once the CMP receives a signal it retrieves the details of the user and also send Alert Messages to multiple reciepients.